IMPORTANT. This User Manual should be used in conjunction with the DNB DeviceNet Scanner Module. Installation Instructions, publication DeviceNet. Logix DNB. RSLogix RediSTATION. DNB DeviceNet Scanner. Module Installation Instructions(DNB. DeviceNet.) Publication INB-EN-P – April Installation Instructions. ControlLogix DeviceNet. Scanner Module. Catalog Number DNB. Use this manual as.

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Make sure that module drop cable is providing network power to module comm. Check for disconnected cables. Reconfigure the scan list table and remove any illegal data. Check slave device configuration. For a Group 2 only device, this means that the device is not allocated to a master.

This code clears itself once scanner attempts to initialize all slave devices on the network. The output structure consists of a bit command register and a variable size bit array of up to words for output data. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

If your module is connected to the network: Sign in Already have an account? Recommended Action Modify your configuration and check for invalid data. The controller automatically performs periodic updates of the structures on a cyclic basis.

Warning and Attention statements help you to: A 4-slot chassis with a power supply is shown below. The display toggles through these elements until the error is corrected. Without a network connection it displays baud rates, allowing you to select the rate for your module. Tighten the screws on the connector as needed. Optional Firmware Build Number 4.


Make sure that your module is connected to a valid network. Condition off Status no power Indicates No power applied to device. Do not touch the backplane connector or connector pins. Is there a way to “Disable” this button??

Manual dnb/e eds | olwntlk

Preventing Electrostatic Discharge The DeviceNet scanner module is sensitive to electrostatic discharge. The device has detected an error duplicate MAC ID or bus-off that has rendered it incapable of communicating on the network.

Identifies information about other practices or circumstances that can lead to personal injury or death, property damage or economic loss. No network power detected on communication port. Verify module is completely inserted into chassis and backplane. The device is operating correctly; however, no controller is controlling it. Secure any external 1756-nb that mate to this equipment kanual using screws, sliding latches, threaded connectors, or other means provided with this product.

The scanner module then delivers a copy of these output values to modules on DeviceNet. This was pushed as it was thought that this was a “Reset” button.

It is one of two loops on the only ControlLogix that we have on-site. Scanner is detecting communication errors. Anyway during the troubleshooting process the “Configuration button” was pushed a couple of times. When you insert or remove a module while backplane power is on, mnaual electrical arc may occur.

Do not touch circuit components inside the module. Posted 19 Oct Make sure the module properly connects to the 1756-rnb backplane. The flash rate of the LED is approximately 1 flash per second.

Scanner is in this mode when it Null Master Slave Dual contains an empty or disabled scan list out-of-box default. Anyway, the sad thing is that it cannot be disabled; there is a KB technote for that: Posted 12 Oct The following table identifies what this manual contains and where to find specific information. Select the network node address by pushing in and holding the pushbutton. Slot 0 is the first slot and is always located to the right of the power supply.


Condition off green flashing green 1 1 Indicates Scanner is not online. Register a new account.

Device is operating in a normal condition and is online with connections established. The device may not be manal. Anyway we got out the laptop and were about to start to download etc when we looked at the card again.

The input structure consists of these data elements.

1756-DNB configuration button

You can use any size ControlLogix chassis and install the module in any slot. The input structure manua, of one bit status register and a variable size bit array of up to words for input data. Release the button when the baud rate you want to select is shown on the display. This button was pressed by a very experienced guy, but how do I stop this from happening again??

Recommended Action Check DeviceNet connections and physical media integrity. For a group 2 Only device, this means the device is allocated to a Master.