Correção endovascular do aneurisma da aorta abdominal: análise dos con aneurismas múltiples de la porción anterior del polígono de Willis, los cuales. saber los sintomas, factores de riesgo, diagnosticos y tratamiento video. POLÍGONO DE WILLIS Es el anillo anastomótico central que provee la mayor fuente de flujo sanguíneo colateral al cerebro. Es un polígono.

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Thrombosis of the internal carotid artery secondary to soft palate injury: case report

In the literature these complications have been willie documented, however this condition is still infrequent. In order to alert the physicians about this possible injury we report our experience with one case.

Computer tomography and magnetic resonance imaging evidenced complete occlusion of the internal carotid artery. Pathogenesis of this oral trauma is discussed. Hellmann 4 e col. Entretanto, Frantzen e col.


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Services on Demand Journal.

Thrombosis of the internal carotid artery secondary to soft palate injury: Childhood stroke following intraoral trauma. Aetiology of severe hemiplegia in childhood.


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