None makes the case better, I think, than Professor Antal Fekete (see his series of Monetary Economics lectures or Whither Gold). Antal’s work. See contact information and details about Antal E. Fekete. See more of Antal E. Fekete on Facebook. Log In. or . Awards. In his essay, “Whither Gold?. Professor Fekete was Consulting Professor at Sapientia University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, His essay ”Whither Gold?” won the first prize in the.

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Has Barrick Been Barricked by the U.

The New Austrian School goes back to Carl Menger, and applies his method of thinking to monetary science and the rate of interest. If successful, losses will be perpetuated and passed on to society.

A debased currency makes the country an attractive place for foreigners in which to buy and an unattractive place in which to sell. Wobbly Anchors or Wobbly Logic?

Is There A Trade-off? Life-Saver for the U. The Peace Diktat of Versailles. You Can’t Eat Gold. Golv Carl Menger Jewish? The Goldbugs, Variations II.

Antal Fekete | Financial Sense

It’s a Gold Crisis. Position Paper professorfekete whtiher, February 7,Chinese Puzzle. Architecture for a New World Financial System. Falsifying Bank Balance Sheets. This initiative came to nought as the Treasury deliberately derailed negotiations through procrastination. Iron Law of the Burden of Debt. In this tie was cut. Instead he proposes angal disequilibrium theory, based on Mengerian principles of conversion.


Deliberate currency depreciation puts the country at a clear disadvantage, causing its terms of trade to told. Tsunami In The Bond Market. Why “New” Austrian School of Economics? Gold will reclaim its throne as constitutional monarch in the monetary and credit system of the world.

Dispersed gold represents latent power, far greater in scope than its nominal market value, as sound credit can be built only upon a gold base.

Dispersed gold represents latent power, far greater in scope than its nominal market valueas sound credit can be built only upon a gold base. Ludwig von Mises identified that money is always created by free enterprising individuals. He established the New Austrian School of Economics to teach his perspective on mo The long time contango of the futures market is what provides metal holders longs with an income.

Krugman’s Opium War On China. Ultimately the proposals hammered out in Congressional offices under his chairmanship were taken to the White House by a delegation of ten Republican Congressmen led by Congressman Dannemeyer.


Having listened attentively to the presentation of Mr. A low and stable interest-rate structure, in particular, cannot be achieved without making credit gold-bonded.

When the dispersal of gold reaches a certain threshold nobody knows where exactly this threshold isa metamorphosis of money will take place. Fekete identified that the ultimate extinguisher of debt is private property money. The Last Contango In Washington.

Dannemeyer, President George Bush, Sr. The Texas Hedges Of Barrick.

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By merging the Time Preference Theory on the Origin of Interest with the Productivity of Capital, resulting in what he calls a Hexagonal Model, Fekete maintains that economic thinking has been enriched, since the above has been missing in both Austrian and traditional economic thought. The fanatic denial of this fact is central to mainstream economic orthodoxy. During his associations with various universities and institutions he has done research and lectured on economics.