The Archidoxes of Magic has 46 ratings and 0 reviews. This is a source work of medieval magic that gives complete sets of zodiacal lames. There are some differences in the formulae as found in Paracelsus’ original text, that found in Robert Turner’s English translation, and that found in Ars Paulina. Full text of “Paracelsus Archidoxes Of Magic”. See other formats. 3S&38 T J% JCELS V S Of the Sup reme Mysteries OF N A T 11 R E. A The Spirits of the Planets.

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For this reafon we fay in this place, that the Tinftures do fpring out of Mettals,that is, out of the Philofophers Mercuryand net from the quicke Mercury ; but this produced the Seed which firft conceiveth.

Thii happens by divers ac- cidents; iome whereof are natural, others are againft nature, by Witchcraft. This way we cured the wife of one Mr. A Fterwards magkc you perceive the Womaf to be of a black colourthen certainly be-i auured that foe hath conceived, and is made pregnant: Return to Book Page.

And from oere hence that common faying tooke its beginning, hid that the Devil for this very caufe giveth not one- car! But if it come at unequal times and hours, the contra- ry will be feen to happen j to wit, the failing eomes upon them unawares.

Mustafa Al-Laylah rated it liked it Jul 09, After this manner, yon may Cure any one that is wounded, though he be ten miles diftant from you, if you nave but his blood. Theophrasti Paracelsi de secretis naturae mysteriis. But it must be left off in the time of Copulation, or else it loseth its virtue. Create your own Private Paraceelsus by searching or browsing to find items of interest and then adding them to a collection.


It must be applied when the Moon is decreasing or diminished in light: This Seal must be applied in the day and hour of the Moonshe decreasing; and ins to be kept and worn very Clean.

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The work is the main reason for Paracelsus’ reputation as a magician: This digital edition by Joseph H. C 2 Phi- Philofophers Mercury Rut if there be too little that it cannot be diffolved into a body, it is alfo deftroyedthat it cannot be able to bring ford 1 any fruit: When is in the sign Librathe Signes, Caracters, and Words which you see in the following Figure, are to be engraven in the Seal; afterwards in the day and hour of Venusin the first or eighth hour, which Venus governs, let it be applied.

The Archidoxes of Magic : Paracelsus :

It happeneth to them, as it doth to thofe men who luddeniy get fome prey from their enemies, they not thinking of them, whereby the are cafi- ly overcomeor fpoiled by them.

Isaac rated it liked it Jan 23, From thence fprung that faying which fome ufe, That none tan better help the bewitched, than them that hurt them: Never- thelefsI would not have all Confecrations to be rejectedbut onely thofe Ceremonies, which are, aflumed to be ufed again!! Let it be applied when Mercury h in the firft Houfe of Heaventhe air being clear and lc- rene, for then it is much better and in the hour of Mercuryfor then he ruleth the firft Hopfe of Heaven ; but if it cannot be, refer: After that thefe Metals have been melted together, they muft not be put into the fire any more.


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The Archidoxes of Magic

How the Spirits change the treafure How they remove it. But I fhould nfe thefe things to the hurt or prejudi of man, I fhould Blafpheme againftGods or I fhould Conjure any Spirits, manherbe, archidoxez Of ft one, 8cc. Againft Sis Difeafe make the Sigil which follows.

They are all to be mixed together by melting them, the Sun being in Tauruswhich every yeer happens about the eighth day of April. Let them be oof ired with one hole through the middle, and bed together with an Iron-wyer, and let the itient hang them about his neck.

Full text of “Paracelsus Archidoxes Of Magic”

This King hath ftrer e and powernot oneiy to tranfmute and ch all metals ; but alio to cure all dileafes and firmities. The Seal of Pifces. It is a qrchidoxes excellent Remedy against all Poyson and Diseases thereby infected. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: