Product page for facsimile of Apicio, Apicio De Re Coquinaria Facsimile Apicio De re coquinaria: Tours, Francia, IX sec., Urb Lat Biblioteca. Apicius, De Re Coquinaria is a selection of Roman recipes, probably compiled in “Apicius – De Re Coquinaria”: Apicio – De Re Coquinaria facsimile edition. MARCUS GAVIUS APICIUS: DE RE COQUINARIA. The book I have is edited and translated from Latin by Robert Maier. My humble person only translated the.

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Apicius, De Re Coquinaria is a selection of Roman recipesprobably compiled in the late 4th or early 5th century AD and written in a language closer to popular Latin than to Classical Latin. The name ” Dee ” had long been associated with excessively coquijaria love of food, from the habits of an early bearer of the name, Marcus Gavius Apiciusa Roman gourmet and lover of refined luxury who lived sometime in the 1st century AD.

He is sometimes erroneously asserted to be the author of the book that is attributed to him. The De Re Coquinaria is a text for the kitchen.


In fact, only two manuscript copies of the Apiico De Re Coquinaria are known to exist today: While the Fulda manuscript is composed of text only though, interestingly enough, of seven different handsthe Vatican Apicius is an illuminated manuscript probably made for a high ranked person of the time. The Vatican Apicius, now Urb. Bernard Bischoffthe noted German historian and paleographer, believed that the manuscript was produced as a gift for Charles the Bald.

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The texts compiled in the Vatican De Re Coquinaria are probably originating from approx. The corpus of recipes is divided in ten chapters, discussing the various aspects of cooking and taking care of the kitchen. The manuscript, before reaching the Vatican Library, was in Bologna in and then in the collection of the Montefeltro dukes, in Urbino. Angelo Polizianothe famous Cquinaria classical scholar, asked the Montefeltro to consult the Apicius in order to collate his own collection of Apicius recipes.

Inthe Apicius was included in the collection of the Vatican Library under the Urbinati Latini manuscript group. Pulpa et in mortario et in liquamine diligenter fricatur, et exinde isicia plassantur. Remove the tentacles and pound on the chopping board as usual.

De re coquinaria. Libro de Marco Gavio Apicio. | Sutori

Place the flesh in a mortar and diligently pound with fish sauce. After that form into balls. We have 1 facsimile edition of the manuscript “Apicius – De Re Coquinaria”: Apicio – De Re Coquinaria facsimile editionpublished by Imago, Due to publishers’ policies, some prices can’t be displayed online, however we te answer to direct enquiries.


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Apicius – De re coquinaria

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