DISPERBYK® is a wetting and dispersing additive for solvent-borne systems . It is composed of a solution of a copolymer with acidic groups. This prod. Solution of a copolymer with acidic groups. Acts as a wetting and dispersing additive for aqueous and solvent-borne systems. Provides deflocculation through . Material Safety Data Sheet. DISPERBYK Version Revision Date 08/14/ Print Date 08/14/ 1 / SECTION 1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY.

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Lead frame and a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device using the same. Please select either yes or no to receiving news and offers from us.

We’d love to send you exclusive offers and the latest info relating to health and safety and safety data sheets by email and other electronic means. The solution was agitated for at least 20 minutes to break up any agglomerated copper nanoparticles and to mix the dispersion.

Polymeric dispersants may have higher viscosities than liquids used as vehicles in conductive inks. Take our free online course to learn how to to properly apply and use your MSDS. Metallic nanoparticles may have an oxide layer on their surface. How it works – 1. Any residues from these dispersants remaining in the cured metallic films will result in higher resistivities being obtained in the metal conductor that is formed because these dispersants and their decomposition products are non-conducting organic compounds, or insulators.

With both anionic and cationic groups present in the dispersant, the dispersant dispernyk compatible with visperbyk different charge regions on the metal nanoparticles, and a stable dispersion may be achieved.


Please enter a valid email address to recieve your safety data sheet. Unlike the insulating residues of common dispersants, conductive organic compounds such as conductive polymers may not act as an insulating defect in the metallic conductors, but instead may act as a parallel-serial resistor R 2 with a metallic conductor R dislerbyk. A dispersant may be selected such that the head group is chemically compatible with or preferentially associates with the nanoparticleand the tail group is chemically compatible with or preferentially associates with the vehicle solvent.

At low pH, the hydroxide surface may react with protons to produce a positively charged surface. Substrate for printed wiring board, printed wiring board, and production method for substrate for printed wiring board. The use of such photonic curing to sinter the copper nanoparticles allows for the curing process to be carried out in air. For the water-based ink, the final film resistivity increased from 3.


Complete a full risk assessment for your workplace so that you can map out all the hazards into dispebryk single comprehensive COSHH assessment. Steric stabilization, electrostatic stabilization, or a combination thereof may be used to prepare dispersions that remain stable during storage and deposition, thus dispebryk uniform and consistent coatings. Low sintering temperatures conductive nano-inks and a method for producing the same. You may choose a language below to continue to this industry or close this dialog above.

The present invention is related to conductive inks. Preserving solderability and inhibiting whisker growth in tin surfaces of electronic components. Solvents described above, or any combination thereof, may be used as vehicles for ink formulations including non-ionic and ionic dispersants. Material for electronic parts, a method of connecting an electronic component material, a ball grid array type how to connect an electronic component and a ball grid array type electronic component.


The attraction may include charge attraction, specific donor-acceptor bands between unshared electron pairs and empty molecular orbitals, hydrogen bonding, electrostatic field trapping of polarizable molecules, or any combination thereof.

These compounds share a common structure but differ in cloud points, foam heights, and Draves Wetting. It reduces haze in inorganic pigmented coatings when application occurs by electrostatic spraying. The nanoparticle may be, for example, copper. These mechanical processes dispegbyk be carried out in the presence of a dispersant to reduce the occurrence of re-agglomeration after mechanical agitation.

Also, the presence of multiple nanoparticle binding sites allows polymeric dispersants to be used at lower concentration than monomeric dispersants with single binding sites, aid still confer monolayer coverage of the metal nanoparticle.


In stepthe ink is pre-cured. Method for manufacturing transparent electrode, transparent electrode, and organic electronic element. However, UL assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the information contained on this website and strongly encourages that upon final product or material selection information is validated with the manufacturer.

Ink composition for preparing front electrode of solar cell and solar cell comprising the same.

DISPERBYK MSDS Download Health & Safety Software | Sevron

In one aspect, a conductive ink includes metallic nanoparticles, a polymeric dispersant, and a solvent. Nanoparticle coated nanostructured surfaces for detection, catalysis and device applications. A mixture of water and alcohol was used as a vehicle for formulating copper inks.