EXFO OTDR 2 • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. Get EXFO OTDR 2 Owner’s manual. Get all EXFO manuals!. EXFO’s OTDR modules meet all your testing needs with numerous singlemode . Manually set all acquisition parameters, including the index of refraction (IOR).

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From the Measure tab, tap.

The application will use a file name based on the autonaming parameters you defined see Naming Trace Files Automatically on page manua, EXFO also warrants that this equipment will meet applicable specifications under normal use. Markers a, A, B and b appear on the graph. Page 39 Preparing Your OTDR for a Test Setting the Analysis Detection Thresholds The following examples show how otsr splice-loss threshold levels can affect the number of displayed events, especially small non-reflective events such as those caused by two splices.

The application automatically adjusts the zoom by a factor 2 around the point that was tapped. Analyzing Traces and Events Managing Comments 4. If you want to use the data or to customize your report later with your own exco, select XML.


EXFO OTDR 2 User Manual

From the User Preferences window, select the General tab. Avoid contact between the tip of the bottle and the wiping cloth, and dry the surface quickly.

When the value becomes highlighted, enter the new value. You can either set the acquisition parameters yourself or let the otfr determine the most appropriate values. You can make another event the start of the span you want to focus your analysis on. You will automatically return to the main window and a report will be generated. The signal strength is measured for specific intervals of time and is used to characterize events.

To modify or delete a comment: This way, you can locate rapidly the events you have customized. The reference measurement in memory will be closed if the option is deactivated.

Page 56 Testing Fibers 5. Measuring events will not yield meaningful results. You can select the high-resolution feature to obtain more data points per acquisition. Tap Modify to return to the main window.

You return to the main window and the newly selected distance unit appears everywhere units are used. This standard states that calibration documents must not contain a calibration interval and that the user is responsible for determining the re-calibration date according to the actual use of the instrument. Two groups of exfoo can be changed: In the Delta loss box, enter the desired value. dxfo


EXFO OTDR 2 : Owner’s manual

To display or hide small non-reflective events. To enable or disable automated file saving: Turn Pull Push 2. Description of Event Types Positive Event Positive Event Reflected power dB Positive event Distance km This event indicates a splice with an apparent gain, due to the junction of two fiber sections having different fiber backscatter characteristics backscatter and backscatter capture coefficients.

The value found by an auto acquisition cannot be modified. At the bottom of the window, tap Event. For more information, see Analyzing Traces and Events on page A-B LSA loss is mainly used to rapidly compute loss over a given length of a fiber section. For each item listed in the events table, information is displayed: By default, this feature is disabled. Enter the desired information.

The information you enter is saved for the currently open trace file or the next dxfo depending on your choice.