KEMPEROL 2K-PUR is a two-component, UV-stable high performance seamless and self-terminating cold fluid-applied polyester reinforced solvent-free. KEMPEROL 2K-PUR Speedshot combined with KEMPEROL 2K-PUR is the ideal solution for all applications where speed is essential. These include balconies. KEMPEROL® 2K-PUR is a solvent-free and odourless, fully reinforced, polyurethane resin-based liquid waterproofing system. It is ideal for use on sustainablility.

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Primer, resin, and fleece mixing and application methods as specified for field membranes are also keemperol for membrane flashing. Sensitive areas such as schools, public places and food manufacturing plants, Applications that favour the use of the most environmentally friendly products, Floors of boiler, control and plant rooms, Complex detailing, Roofs, Balconies, Terraces, Podiums, Fountains and Gutters.

Kemperol AP fleece embedded in coating.

Note that all insulation requires cover board. Waterproofing materials, components and accessories shall be removed from Site and taken to a legal dumping area authorized to receive such materials.

Install overburden neatly, level and even. Roofdrain green roof drainage and water storage layer Pru Turf. Continued frothing, bubbling, or pinholes indicates excessive moisture content that requires more substantial measures. Cold applied wet-on-wet, without the fire risks of hot pyr, it bonds directly to virtually any substrate ,emperol provide a seamless, elastomeric, UV-stable membrane that is equally suitable for both new-build or refurbishment projects such as roofs, podiums, balconies and terraces, is root resistant and suitable to receive a variety of finishes including green roofs.

Ensure that moisture does not damage any completed section of the new waterproofing system. Complete all previously noted punch list items prior to the scheduled meeting. Reference FM approvals for adhesive application patterns that satisfy FM wind uplift requirements. Allow to cure as required by joint sealant manufacturer. Mix and apply two-component primer in strict accordance with written instructions of Membrane Manufacturer.

Puf incidents of water entry shall be evaluated and all necessary repairs conducted, followed by an additional flood test until all repairs are completed successfully.


Follow cap sheet manufacturer’s recommendations for the appropriate application procedure. Also to be used when ambient temperature is 50 degrees F 10 degrees C and below. Kemperol Surfacing Sand 0 18 0.

Requests for substitutions will be considered in accordance with provisions of Section 01 60 00 – Product Requirements. Aggregate Specification and Size: Follow insulation, cover board and foamable adhesive manufacturers’ recommendations for the appropriate adhesive application rate and application procedure.

Kemperol 2K-PUR

Two coating applications are recommended for best coverage and appearance. Strip all insulation and cover board joints with polyester fleece reinforcement imbedded into the wet primer or resin. Roofing fasteners shall be a type approved by membrane and insulation manufacturer. Perform tests at the beginning of the Work, and at intervals as required to assure specified substrate conditions with a minimum of 3 tests per SF area to be waterproofed.

Special blend of recycled materials, mineral aggregate, and organic puur elements, intended for use with landscaped applications with extensive-type vegetation such as sedums, to be installed in a 3 inch thick bed. Kempertec Joint Sealant, single component, non-sag elastomeric polyurethane sealant for use in sealing joints, cracks, gaps, and transitions in cover boards, insulation and kemmperol.

Membrane must be clean and dry, and free of all contaminants that kemperll interfere with the adhesion of the surfacing and coating to the membrane surface. At roof penetrations, cut the drainage core around the protrusion, cut an X in the fabric, and tape the fabric around the protrusion to prevent intrusion of overburden materials into the core.

Broadcast aggregate to excess into surfacing until a uniform dry aggregate layer has been achieved. Note that this is a cold applied system and hot asphalt attachment is not acceptable with polystyrene insulation and cover boards. Your query has been sent. Roofing membranes – products from other companies. The lightweight nature of the system adds minimal load, making it particularly useful when roof stability is a concern.

Each product clause is authored in NBS format and is intended for inclusion in project specifications. Warranty inspection to confirm completion of all punch list items, surfacing, and 22k application. Company specializing in manufacturing the products system specified with a minimum of 20 years of documented experience with applications in the United States. Metal flashings shall be fabricated in accordance with the current recommendations of SMACNA and in accordance with the Manufacturer’s standard drawings.


Once the joint is in place the application of the Traffic Surfacing system may start. Walk on the boards to spread the roofing adhesive for maximum contact.

Install a strainer basket to prevent debris from clogging the drainage line. When deciding on the extent kemprrol the mock-up, consider all the major different types of work on the project. Lay expansion joint into the liquid membrane while wet. Edges shall be checked so that no edges are left substantially unsupported along the flutes.

Kemperol 2K-PUR – Kemper System Ltd

Pour Component A into in to a separate clean mixing pail, add Component B dark brown formulation and mix with a spiral agitator for 1 minute, until the liquid is a uniform dark beige color without light or dark streaks.

Create openings in the drainage core to correspond with all discharge holes in the drain at the structural deck level. At roof penetrations, cut drainage core around the protrusion, cut an X in the fabric, and tape fabric around the protrusion to prevent intrusion of overburden materials into the core. When ambient temperatures are at or expected to fall below 50 degrees F 10 degrees Cor reach 85 degrees F 30 degrees C or higher, follow Membrane System Manufacturer’s recommendations for weather related additives and application procedures.

Please note that NBS product guidance is not a replacement for the manufacturer’s literature and it is recommended that Kemper System Ltd be consulted before ppur. Electronic Field Vector Mapping EFVM test shall be completed prior to kemoerol installation of the overburden, but after the membrane receives a final inspection.

Site clean-up, including both interior and exterior building areas that have been affected by construction, shall be restored to preconstruction condition.