The KOBOLD Guide to Worldbuilding. Praise for. Complete KOBOLD Guide to Game Design. “A must-have book for both those looking to get into this industry. Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding has ratings and 21 reviews. Patrick said: I’m unsure how best to rate this book. I got it to help me spark ideas and pr. Creating a setting for an RPG is a quite different thing than creating a world for a novel or a movie, or even a TV show or video game.

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Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding | Kobold Press Store

There’s a lot of good ideas and advice in this collection of essays on mobold. Ultimately, I don’t know that I’d really recommend this book to a wide range of people. There is also a curated list of resources compiled via Discord.

A must read for anyone wanting to start into the hobby of World guidee. A ‘completest’ streak seems to run through the gaming community and the fantasy fiction community alike, as my own collection of RPG supplements and favourite authors will attest. The references just felt like they went too far beyond their purposes. The Essential Elements for Building a World Roleplaying games and fantasy fiction are filled with rich and fascinating worlds: Otherwise, I thought it was a good book, and deserving of the Ennie it recently won.

A decent resource for writers, but as you read more of these types of books, you start to see the same advice and tips over and over.

Patrick Moore rated it liked it Jan 19, Fantasy history, for history’s sake, is an indulgence that we inherited from Tolkien, but it never really enhances the living, shared experience for gamers.


They spoke to an audience that knew what had been done but refused to look into worldbuilfing future to find underlying tensions within aspects of world building. More concrete exercises would’ve been much more helpful to new and seasoned worldbuilders but at most, it gives you a few vague things to think about.

Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding

However, even these essays are marked by their inability to express much in the way of successes rather than denoting failures. There are some explorations of distinctions made between different forms of fantasy that while I think can be interesting, guice really seem to play much role in helping you to be a better worldbuilder.

I’t really like to give this four-and-a-half stars, but the technology won’t allow such niceties. Wlrldbuilding the editors might believe that to be true, the book was mostly pretty useless to me as a novelist. To ask other readers questions about Kobold Guide to Worldbuildingplease sign up.

gude I have to mention that the chapter on working with licensed properties seemed a bit out of place, seeing as how it dealt solely with the professional aspects of doing so, and is thus useless to anyone looking to use an existing setting as a gamemaster rather than as a game designer. Learn the secrets of designing a pantheon, creating a setting that provokes conflict, determining which historical details are necessary, and so much more.

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Perhaps a combination of all three Got me to start worldbuilding again after years of sitting on my butt. Kobold Courier Want to keep up with the latest kobold news? A great collection of short essays on designing fictional worlds.

I will make the caveat that a brand new DM trying to design a tabletop RPG konold could use a kpbold more of the very basic introductory information might still benefit a good deal from this. Believe whatever you want — doesn’t change the merits of the book. Lastly, throughout many of the essay, especially Wolfgang Bauer’s seven essays, there’s a lot of what feels like self-promotion ranting about how awesome this or that property the author designed is in whatever arena is being discussed.


I got it to help me spark ideas and provide some guidance on effective koboldd, exercises, and organization techniques for world-building for use in writing speculative fiction, especially high fantasy. Now, eleven of adventure gaming’s top designers come together to share their insights into building worlds that gamers will never forget. While there are more comprehensive manuals on how to design cultures, demographics, climates, and other specialized topics, I found this to be just the right size and utility for my needs as a worldbuilder-gamer and GM.

There are a few gems, but unless you could really use guidance on religion worldbuilding, worldbuillding, or designing a world bible, I think this book won’t be super useful to you and even then, probably not worth the price of a full book with other essays unlikely yuide help you. I have read at wolrdbuilding four or five works on the subject of worldbuilding over the years.

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