THis may be a very dumb question, but how many grippers do I need for the KTA program. I heard someone mention in a post that you need a. Buy the KTA or RRBT grip programs and receive the other one FREE through Black Friday weekend. The KTA Program. I had considered trying out the RRBT and/or KTA programs recently, but upon .. I had been grip training for nearly four years at that point.

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KTA – Kinney Adapted Training

I liked the RRBT a lot. Today I tried it again and closed it two times. I honestly can’t tell you how surprised I was when I closed the 2.

Austin Slater Certified Captain of Crush After several months of being “oooh so close” with the 2, I decided to give KTA a go as nothing else was working. Robert Unt Captain of Crush – I am doing no work on the peogram. What does this mean? Some of the principles in KTA totally changed my preconceived notions on how the hands should be trained for maximum progrxm. I am 16 years old and new to the grip world.

Straphold – Using a gripper as a pair of pliers on a thin piece of material and attaching a weight to the other end of the material. For an intermediate grip trainee that would consist of: He then preceded to tell me he just missed closing an IronMind 4 gripper. Just wanted to say thanks again! You must remove all psychological barriers to “what’s normal”. Using KTA’s principles, I may begin my chase of the 4. Stop thinking about it. So you load the bar to and train by failing. Forget about the mindset of fighting the gripper from opening.


That is, your hand closes up tighter than the normal gripper close. For a new gripper, the information is probably quite good and detailed beyond simply telling you to “squeeze a gripper hard”; however, like I said, for someone with some time on forums or research about grip, it nothing mind blowing and a with a little experience most are probably using similar basics of the program already.

I just wanted to say thank you Bill for creating such a fantastic program. Grip training is no different. Is it really so potent and informative that the price and limitations are justified? The KTA program is truly awesome. Remember to warmup with singles only. Or am I out of line on that?

Well, I’ve been playing with the IM 1 and 2 for about 2 years, never closing the 2 grpi my left hand and only a couple of reps with my right.

There are NO refunds and all sales are final.

Then searching the web one day grp at all the bending and gripper stuff I stumbled upon the Gripboard and joined that day. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.



Thanks for that info, Dr. Thanks Bill, this program rocks.

I believe that everyone can experience like this miracle through KTA!! I just finished my last KTA workout last night. No, it wasn’t simple, and frankly, nothing worth doing is simple.

The KTA Program by Bill Piche

Actually it was a very hard 3 week phase 1, since I got to the point I couldn’t pick up something with my hands without feel some pain from my hand calluses.

Are any of the other 4 closers featured in the book? Typically if you are working on a particular gripper, you should use the closest gripper to your goal gripper for strap holds e. I was training days a week with maybe singles and no negatives.

I warmed up well, and worked up to the IronMind 2.