Kult Kazika (Polska wersja jezykowa) [Leszek Gnoinski] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. W tej ksiazce przeczytasz o wielu. KULT Kazika – Leszek Gnoiński. By Klub Fugazi · Updated about 6 years ago. Baaaardzo interesująca pozycja. Polecam szczególnie młodym kapelom. Trza się. Leszek Gnoiński is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Leszek Gnoiński and others you may know. Facebook gives people the “Kult Kazika” ().

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Colourful memories of the greatest musicians and their surprising confessions make this film truly memorable.

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Give in to the hard sound and fascinating uncensored stories. Open your eyes and listen how Polish rock made history. In the times when life in Poland was controlled by the communist regime, music became an extremely powerful phenomenon.

The Iron Curtain could not stop rock music, thanks to which young people could find their space of freedom.

From the very beginning, Polish ,ult stood in opposition to the reality it met with. The songs broke stereotypes and formed bonds among people.

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One particular freedom enclave was the festival in Jarocin, colourfully shown in the film thanks to previously unpublished archival materials. Rock was one of the most important things that shaped me.


Now it has become an important element of my life. I wanted this film to be my tribute to the people who had impact on my leszeek of the world and to remind the next generations what this music used to be and what, I hope, it will be in the futurecomments Leszek Gnoinski, director of the film.

It is an unforgettable music journey, which was made possible thanks to unique, often shocking recordings from the last 50 years. Reality at that time made the music extremely powerful, but when the Martial Law was imposed I was only 10 and did not quite understand the meaning of the lyrics. Nevertheless, my musical fascinations from the 80s deeply influenced what I do today. After all, it is worth to tell the stories about what is important for ussays Wojciech Slota, director of the film.

The film directors are Wojciech Slota and Leszek Gnoinski. Many people have stories, but some have legends. This film is about the legends. Rock is a part of culture just like any other genre of good music, or poetry, film and cartoons.

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One cannot talk about the phenomenon gnoieki Polish freedom without telling about free culture, and rock was its crucial and most popular element. Some printed underground pamphlets and distributed leaflets, while others carved guitars and constructed amplifiers.


Both made their way into historysays Pawe? Potoroczyn, director of Adam Mickiewicz Institute. It happened a long time ago, it was important and now the adults make them learn about it… The involvement of young people in learning contemporary history cannot be encouraged by showing martyrdom, acts of politicians and dates leeszek economic and political events.

However, gnpiski most recent history is in fact the youth of their parents, postcards collections covered in dust, lying in the basement or the attic, flared trousers, vinyls, broken tape recorders, etc. To reach this past, it is enough to talk, provided of course that children and parents find the time and place to raise the topic of such ‘distant’ past”.

You must be logged in to comment. Register to create an account. News Movies Guestbook Vocabulary sheets Links. Wojciech Slota, Kazikaa Gnoinski Producer: Pawel Potorczyn, Edward Miszczak Writer: Wojciech Slota, Leszek Gnoinski Cast: Chris Salewicz Music by: History written with rock. The Piano 08 January3: Sir Paul Chariots of Fire Inherent Vice my love, don’t cross that river revival of the protest song still rolling