This site is designed to teach Kurmanji Kurdish in small bite-sized increments using a systematic, step by step approach. As much as possible, we aim to explain. Learn Kurmanji – Has several lessons with videos, audios and explanations. Kurmanji Kurdish For The Beginners – A good book, though it contains a lot of. Kurdish (Kurdish: Kurdî or کوردی) is a dialect continuum spoken by the Kurds in western Asia. It is part of the Iranian branch of the Indo-Iranian group of.

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Then the personal endings are added according to each person. The weather was very good. I have been working since 7 in morning. On the way, he met a fox. As for me, I very much want to eat taste a meal cooked prepared by you your handbut at the moment lit. Help Center Find new research papers in: They heard the voice of the donkey, all seven said to each other: The personal kurdisb, in bold type in the examples above, are shown in the chart below: You will still be understood even if you do not produce them correctly; we will discuss them in a later lesson with some examples.

The past stem of the verbs is very simply found by deleting the ending – i n from the infinitive: At what time did you wake up? I particularly like the poems of T. The endings which begonners name receives depend on its gender, and its number. After lunch and tea we go back to the courses.


Learn Kurmancî

This is really only used in more formal styles of written Kurdish; it is not part of normal everyday speech. Then my mother went home and I went to beginnees friends. He read the stories.

Exercise Change the active sentences below into passive sentences. In her house, there are two rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a restroom toilet. When is your brother coming? The ram, the rooster, the fox and the kurdsih got on top of the wolf and in this manner knocked the breath out of him literally: There are twelve months in a year.

I tidied my room. I wonder if gupe gup kirin v.

Now, read the story and then rewrite it in the simple past tense. One of these relatives is my uncle. They had eaten Note the changes in the conjugation of the verbs according kurdishh different objects in the below examples: We have attempted to select texts from fairly typical genres, and provide translations and notes to the texts as well as complementary exercises for each of them.

Learn Kurmancî – Internationalist Commune

Moreover, past perfect tense works, as all other tenses in Kurmanji, in different ways with intransitive and transitive verbs. I am from Diyarbekir too. Ez bi te re me. In the accident only one of his fingers had broken.


Simple present Simple past Case of subject Absolute Oblique Case of object Oblique Absolute Person endings on verb Agrees with subject Agrees with object Now observe how the three principles mentioned above apply to the examples below: Bring it and put it on this table! I have been to Mehabad three times. They are some special forms of the plosives and affricates. The villagers did not water their fields. His mother is beginnets consultant. She has seen us. Exercises for Practice Applying what you study is the only way to learn, especially when it comes to language.

Kugdish literature class we read texts of English literature. I, too, am very happy.

Kurmanji Kurdish

It will be very good. How are you pl.? Some further examples of the second possibility: We have already discussed the Oblique case for pronouns, and in the next lesson we look at the Oblique case hte nouns. When I was a child, I used to climb trees. Our classes are finishing in a week and the holidays begin.

Mesud cooked the meal. Meanwhile, some time passed and the man of the night said: Naz is telling the others a piece of news, and she also makes an offer to the others: