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Previous 1 2 A sine wave at those frequencies typically creates even greater thermal swings than most music does. Removing op amp part numbers dqtasheet “mystique”, makes it harder for someone to clone your design and sell it on eBay, and may be to hide using inexpensive parts.

Datasheet archive on 20-11-2006

With this driving the pre to power amp cables, the improvements at all frequencies over the OPA are not subtle. A ‘ expectedly sucks, as do all the s. Unique Advantages — For those who prefer discrete designs over op amps, I refer you to Q9 in the small snippet to the above datasheeh. Anonymous August 21, at If you include the out of band stuff, the entire noise floor rises and masks the true audio performance below 20 Khz. The spec sheet says that the NMJ is compensated for gains of 10 and above whereas the LM is unity gain compensated?

If the lk4580 amp’s key parameters datahseet significantly with temperature changes you can get some degradation in the performance from thermal modulation. I put a JRC in my preamp and used it to drive headphones through 1ohm resistors. The approval process is necessary to prevent obscenity, etc. This can be hard to figure out from many datasheets. I am especially interested to hear your findings in blind tests if you have done any of course. Analogy Between Electricity and Magnetism lm with: Such a signal would never make it through the recording chain, and if it did, would fry tweeters and cause bats to fly into the side of your house.


I would rather drive a to the supermarket. Marty Datasehet 23, at 1: I just read, in an audiophile magazine, that NFB can only work correctly if an audio amp has zero delay. The million dollar speaker cable challenge shows best that the audio emperors have no clothes. Drive Capability — To datasneet Johnson noise low, the op amp should have low distortion datasheeg a 1K load. Does your amp design compensate for lower gains?

It has been a pure delight reading from beginning to end. My point was I’ve not seen any evidence, even in a mass produced product using the NJM, that it’s a problem.

SpaceTimeMorph August 18, at 5: Hymowitzthe design phase. It performs notably worse in datassheet way than NJM except power consumption. And a lot of audiophile designs have poor PSRR as they use discrete circuits or op amps not designed for audio. You said you tested it, but you didn’t publish the results.

That’s what happens when people who don’t fully understand the engineering start messing with parts that have response out into the tens or hundreds of Megahertz. The TL orange dayasheet, however is a different story.

NJM Datasheet pdf – Dual Operational Amplifier – New Japan Radio

Short Circuit Protection — Any op amp driving an external output line outs, headphone jacks, etc. Here the dScope bandwidth extends to 44 Khz testing the older V1.

Here are some of the elite: This rules out a lot of the newest parts that are designed for low voltage portable use.

Datasneet result might have poor transient response as it’s now under-compensated. I wonder because it seems that the. So it really doesn’t matter much. Comments om4580 take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days to be approved.

I’ve met and talked with one of National Semi’s former audio application engineers about this very issue and his view was it’s much more a problem with poorly designed op amps or op amps being used in the wrong application.


Ok, now a question. I have tested a total of a dozen NJM ICs from five different date codes and all are under 4 mV offset at unity gain which is how they’re used in the O2. But the new fast part is unhappy in a PC board and circuit designed for a much slower part.

This is the follow up with more technical information, a summary of many popular op amps, and some of the measurements I made. Just one question – some time ago I came across the NJM in the DigiKey catalog, and the description said “noiseless”.

The professional audio favorite, the NE, is about 3 dB worse at 7X gain than the less expensive and less current hungry NJM above but still very quiet. Can I get max. And you seriously hand tested of them? But, all that said, with enough time and patience it might still be possible to tame the OPA for headphone duty without any significant compromises.

And, as you say, even when there are not differences, the placebo effect usually assures people still hear a difference. The datasheets are usually fairly clear on this. NwAvGuy August 19, at 7: Christophe Basso ONcircuit is made of.

Overall I tested nearly two dozen op amps. One of these inductors, Lmrepresents the magnetizing inductor of the transformer and creates one. If you haven’t already, you might want datashdet read up on my comments in the O2 Design and O2 Details articles on the And, sometimes even worse, in a dual op amp servicing both channels the music in one channel modulates the thermal performance of the other channel.